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Season 2 – Episode Stills

Posted by Jess on December 7, 2014
Category: Gallery Updates, Site Updates

Thanks to my friend, Carol we have stills from the first 5 season 2 episodes up!

Chicago Fire – 3×07 Nobody Touches Anything (Sneak Peek)

Posted by Jess on November 8, 2014
Category: Chicago Fire, TV News

Chicago Fire – Taylor, Sophia and Jason Talk #CrossoverWeek (Interview)

Posted by Jess on
Category: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Law & Order: SVU, TV News

Chicago Fire – Coming Soon: Fire, P.D. and SVU Unite (Preview)

Posted by Jess on
Category: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Law & Order: SVU, TV News

2×06 Prison Ball – Promo

Posted by Jess on October 23, 2014
Category: Chicago PD, TV News

Sophia Bush on ‘Chicago P.D.’ and being an LGBT ally

Posted by Jess on
Category: Interviews

Actress Sophia Bush really puts her money where her mouth is. Originally starring in the hit TV series One Tree Hill brought Bush in the spotlight for almost a decade. She followed up the role with several movies, including John Tucker Must Die, which stars Jesse Metcalfe as the title hunk. She was in the short-lived Partners, from the creators of Will & Grace, before landing her latest small-screen hit.

NBC’s spin-off from Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., has her playing Officer Erin Lindsay for a second season.

Nunn went on set to chat a bit with the talented activist during a long day of fighting crime.

Windy City Times: Hi, Sophia. You are shooting all day today?

Sophia Bush: Yeah, I am on a little break so we can chat.

WCT: First off, did you study with local police a lot for this role?

Sophia Bush: We did a ton of work. We came into Chicago and did a full week of boot camp with the CPD [Chicago Police Department] Intelligence Unit. We worked with really cool undercover officers that I can’t talk to you about! [Laughs]

We did a very immersive training course and we have consultants that are set with us every day. We have police that are constantly breaking things down with us, working through motions, and talking about situations such as if they went into a warehouse where they would be looking and checking? It is really important and invaluable to us.

All of our stories come from real police. Some of this stuff is just so crazy. All of it comes from the police that we work with.


2×04 Chicken, Dynamite, Chainsaw – Promo

Posted by Jess on October 12, 2014
Category: Chicago PD, TV News

Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. Crossover

Posted by Jess on October 11, 2014
Category: Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Law & Order: SVU, TV News

Sorry for posting this so late, but better late then never.

NBC is staging a three-way crossover for Law & Order: SVU, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D., TVGuide.com has learned.

The episodes, to air Nov. 11 and Nov. 12, will share a story line about a child pornography ring that will begin on Chicago Fire (Tuesday, 10/9c) that then teams the P.D. squad to the New York City-based SVU investigators the following night (9/8c). Then, the SVU team travels to Chicago for the final hour of the event at 10/9c.

“It’s really representative of what we’re finding happening in the country more and more, that these organizations that we want to dismantle move across borders, they move state-to-state, and it takes a lot of people to cut off all the heads on this particular monster,” Sophia Bush told TVGuide.com Monday. “It’s a very personal story for Lindsay because it taps into her family and her childhood in a way that I don’t think the audience will expect.”


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