The Billy Goat Just Isn’t The Real Chicago Cubs Curse

The Chicago Cubs are cursed, and don’t permit everyone inform you otherwise. But it truly is not anything you may well consider. Baseball followers know all in regards to the alleged Billy Goat curse that is stopping the Cubbies from successful a Entire world Collection. This really is to date fetched, while I do like the proven fact that we’ve been blaming goats for failures in lieu of human beings. That said, the real curse is definitely the Chicago Cubs themselves and their lack of ability to place jointly a front office environment of competent final decision makers. More interesting similar news click

The most significant trouble using the Cubs through the several years is failing to fire Jim Hendry and other failed Common Managers for the correct occasions. Hendry has performed practically nothing but spend revenue on overrated players on the close in their primary yrs. The minor league method has become void of top-notch prospective clients his whole depressing tenure together with the Cubs. His scouts couldn’t discover a decent polish sausage in Chicago, not to mention an outstanding prospect.

I am a lifelong lover of the group, but I get bored with hearing about every one of these wacky Chicago Cubs curses. In place of spending funds on overrated gamers, why don’t you devote dollars on choosing a Normal Supervisor that understands the significance of fundamentals, a high quality closer, and never overpaying to get players headed to the downturn of their occupations? To me, this is smart since it is reasonable. To your Cubbies, it really is nonsense and they will have nothing to do with everything that involves the word “logical”- unless it truly is utilized in the sentence “that was not a sensible final decision but I concur with it”.

It is time to halt blaming the Billy Goat curse and Steve Bartman, and start admitting the serious Cubs curse is definitely the firm alone demonstrating no skill to hire knowledgeable entrance place of work personnel. On that be aware: make sure you fire Jim Hendry and make me proud for being a Cubs lover yet again.